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Welcome to Queensland Law Practice: Family Law Division. Family Law is a unique type of law in that we see good people at their worst. Having said that when I started this firm in 2011 I wanted to create a firm that was different to the normal boring stuffy shirt type firm. I wanted to create an atmosphere where people didn’t feel intimidated by their lawyer but rather felt that they were having a conversation with a friend.

I understand that the legal system can be intimidating, expensive and downright scary at times and I truly believe that if you cannot connect with your lawyer then you need to find someone you can connect with. The Family Law process is hard enough without disliking your lawyer as well.

I firmly believe that it is not a lawyers place to judge someone’s story by the chapter we walk into. In saying that every single staff member at Queensland Law Practice is selected for their ability not just to communicate but to connect with clients.

Tracey McMillan



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About Queensland Law Practice - Family Law is a unique type of law in that we see good people at their worst, but we can help you through it. Don't feel intimidated by the legal system with our experienced lawyers by your side. We can help achieve what's best for you when it comes to dealing with your legal matters.
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