Child Protection and Safety


Child Protection

The Department of Communities (Child Safety) exists to protect children from risks of harm.

Queensland Law Practice regularly represents people in circumstances where the Department of Communities (Child Safety) has taken a child from a client’s care for alleged abuse or inability to properly care for the child. Is it important to understand that this is one side of the story and simply because an Application is made to the Children’s Court for the child to be removed from a person’s care, does not mean that a Court will necessarily grant that Application.

It is important in these times to make sure you are represented to ensure that the best arrangements are put in place for both you and the child and for no longer than absolutely necessary.

We represent people seeking to defend:

  • Applications by DOCS for Temporary Assessment Applications
  • Applications by DOCS for Child Protection Applications
  • Negotiations with DOCS

Alternatively we are able to assist in representing people to negotiate with the Department of Communities to ensure your position is heard and the best possible arrangement is put in place.

If you require assistance in this regard please contact our office for a free 10 minute consultation.



Child Protection
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Child Protection
If you need help with child protection, your legal representation is important in ensuring that the best arrangements are put in place for you and the child. We represent people seeking to defend Child Protection Applications and negotiations with the Department of Communities. Contact us for child protection matters.
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