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Child Support

Many people struggle to understand decisions made by the Child Support Agency, how to appeal those decisions and other matters relating to the payment of child support.

Our lawyers are highly experienced in all areas pertaining to child support. Our director, Tracey McMillan has years of experience with these matters, having operated the Child Support, Liable Parent Section at Legal Aid Queensland for many years.

If there’s a dispute regarding parentage, relating to a child, it is common for parentage testing to be undertaken to help determine whether a person should be assessed to pay child support. Not all parentage tests are the same and many don’t need invasive action to determine parentage.

For many people their proper income assessment is easy to obtain via their tax returns and salary information. If the person paying child support is self-employed on the other hand, there can be some deviation between what their income is and what the real personal benefit from the business is. In some cases, it may be hard to distinguish between a personal expense or a business expense.

At Queensland Law Practice, we can walk you through the minefield and provide you with accurate advice about your matter and keep your costs at a minimum.

We can also assist you to obtain Orders for DNA testing in support of / or to defeat an Application for Child Support.

If you are not sure whether you have a case, then give our office a call and speak to one of our lawyers for a free 10 minute consultation. We will give you honest, direct advice.

Child Support

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Limited Child Support Agreements
  • Binding Child Support Agreements
  • Departure Application
  • Change of Assessment Applications
  • Child Support Objections
  • DNA Paternity Orders
  • Stay Orders
  • Departure Prohibition Orders
  • AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal- Child Support Division)
  • Overseas Child Support Applications
  • Adult Child Maintenance Orders
  • Step-Parent Maintenance Orders
  • Fathers Custody Rights
Child Support Lawyers Brisbane
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Child Support Lawyers Brisbane
When it comes to child support, many people struggle to understand decisions made by the Child Support Agency and how to appeal those decisions. Our QLD Family Law Practice lawyers are proficient in all areas pertaining to children and child support matters including DNA paternity orders, agreements and custody rights.
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