Children in Family Law


Queensland Law Practice deals with all matters pertaining to children. Some areas such as Child Custody or DNA Testing can be quite emotional and complex. There are quite a few ways children can be legally affected by family law matters. Some of the more common areas pertaining to children and family law are:

  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • DNA Testing to determine parentage, and
  • Child Protection

Each of these areas vary dramatically. Many families face these same challenges and our friendly, professional team are here to help. We understand that the laws about moving away with kids in Queensland may not be clear or that getting full custody of your children might be your primary goal. Sometimes it is necessary to obtain a DNA test to clearly identify the child’s biological parents. DNA paternity testing doesn’t have to be a bad experience for the parties involved. These are all areas that we have a wealth of experience with and our friendly, compassionate team are happy to be of service.

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If you cannot see the exact topic of interest to you, please contact us anyway as our knowledge is vast and it is likely we would practice also in the area (pertaining to children) that you are seeking.

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Children, Child Custody & Parenting Arrangements
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Children, Child Custody & Parenting Arrangements
Experts in Family Law; our friendly, understanding legal team can help you with child custody, child support, DNA testing and child protection services. As the legal minefield of child custody and Family Law can be complex and daunting, we are here to assist you through the entire process with our extensive experience.
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