DNA Testing Orders – What you need to know.

DNA Testing Orders

Most people have difficulty with obtaining DNA tests (Paternity tests) when the other party won’t agree to participate in the DNA testing procedure. In some cases the failure to obtain a DNA test can result in someone paying Child Support when they are not the biological father of the child. We can organise DNA tests where both parties are agreeable. In cases where the other party does not agree to a DNA test then we can seek Orders on your behalf to compel the other party to attend for a DNA test.

If you do not know the other party’s address we have the means (in many cases) to contact the other party via various agencies.

An application to Court for a DNA test is usually a painless experience that can occur within a short period of time.

We can seek or obtain DNA Testing in the following situations:

  • To obtain Child Support from a parent
  • To refute Child Support being sought against a person
  • To prove paternity in Family Court children’s matters
  • For peace of mind purposes only (DNA test without legal standing)
  • DNA test where the whereabouts of the other party are unknown

If you are not sure whether you can obtain a DNA test then please contact our office for a free 10 minute consultation to help put your concerns and questions to rest.