Domestic Violence (DVO) – What you need to know


Domestic Violence

Many people mistakenly assume that Domestic Violence is the act of physical violence by men upon women. Many people are surprised to learn that the definition of Domestic Violence is very broad and can be as simple as swearing at a person or cutting off access to a bank account.

Domestic Violence does not only just occur against women. Domestic Violence can occur against men, parents or children.

Domestic Violence is defined to include physical violence, wilful damage, intimidation, harassment, economic abuse, indecent act or threats of any of the above.

There are only certain categories of relationships that are covered under the Family Protection (Domestic Violence) Act. The law does not allow just anybody to obtain an order which differs from the laws in NSW.

Even if the court finds that an Act of Domestic Violence has occurred the court nevertheless is required to consider whether the Order is in fact, necessary and desirable. If the court does not believe is is necessary or desirable then the Order will not be made.

Queensland Law Practice can assist you with:

  • Applications for Urgent Temporary Domestic Violence Orders (DVO)
  • Domestic Violence Order Applications
  • Defending Domestic Violence Order
  • Varying Domestic Violence Orders
  • Peace and Good Behaviour Orders

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Domestic violence affects people from all walks of life. It can occur against men, women, parents or children and in the form of not only physical abuse, but something as simple as withholding access to bank accounts. If you need help with domestic violence please contact our friendly, understanding team for help.
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