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Clients’ Reviews
Lee-Anne Pringle
Lee-Anne Pringle
Amazing Service & Information - I am a Disability Advocate and I was ringing for a distressed client who had had a family member pass away. The lady on the phone was pleasant, professional and tended to my inquiry straight away. Would not hesitate to use this service again.
richard hocking
richard hocking
Understanding and supportive.
Matt Hutton
Matt Hutton
Thanks to Tracy, Rachael and the team for working with me to give me a better than expected outcome financially and essentially Tracy for keeping me on track during a tough mediation. Still some work to do but you guys have been so professional and helpful throughout this messy process.
Michelle Steer
Michelle Steer
The half hour webinar was extremely useful and easy to understand. In a difficult time, you don't want "legal speak" and this was definitely not that, highly recommend for anybody who has just seperated
Nahid Tonmoy
Nahid Tonmoy
The customer service to legal advice, everything was fantastic. The whole team really looks after their clients.
Anthony Macdonnell
Anthony Macdonnell
The wills of my wife and I were updated earlier this year and the team at Forge Legal handled this in a very professional and efficient way. We would have no hesitation in recommending them
Very happy with the service received recently when purchasing our new home,everything went very smoothly and we were kept up to date with information, highly recommend .
sandra fitzgerald
sandra fitzgerald
Very happy with the service we received from Queensland Family Law Practice, when we recently purchased our new home, they kept us informed and kept everything running smoothly, highly recommend.

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