Queensland Family Law Practice

Heidi Savins

Family Lawyer

Heidi Savins

Heidi is a passionate and dedicated family lawyer with national experience in child protection and helping those affected by domestic violence.

Professional Legal Qualifications

  • Holds professional qualifications from La Trobe University and Leo Cussen’s Centre for Law.
  • Respected member of the QLD Law Society.

Practice Areas

  • Provides legal advice, representation, and guidance to clients.
  • Specializes in family law, child protection law, and domestic violence law.
  • Dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for clients.

With an empathetic and professional demeanour, Heidi has a gift of transforming lives through her legal services and advice in family law, domestic violence and child protection matters, advocating for her clients in multiple court settings throughout Australia.

Favourite Quote

“Give yourself a reality/grounding check for the changing circumstances in your life.” – how would you eat a meal, one bite at a time so when life gets large, one step at a time.