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If both parents agree to the terms of child support then the parents can choose to enter into a Child Support Agreement. There are 3 types of Child Support Agreements:

  1. Limited Child Support Agreement
  2. Binding Child Support Agreement
  3. Terminating Child Support Agreement

A Binding Child Support Agreement can only be terminated if:

  1. Both parties enter into a new binding child support agreement,
  2. Both parties enter into a termination agreement,
  3. The child turns 18 or completes school (whichever the later) or other date as specified in the agreement,
  4. A court sets aside the agreement on the basis that it was entered into under duress, fraud, misrepresentation.

While Binding Child Support Agreements assist with providing clarity and finality to negotiations for child support it can also limit the flexibility of the parties depending how it is written.

We strongly suggest that a person contemplating this type of agreement to have a lengthy discussion with their lawyer and consider the terms of the agreement before signing.



Child Support Brisbane
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Child Support Brisbane
Any person who has the care of a child can apply to the Child Support Agency for an assessment of child support. Applications for a child support assessment can be put through to the Child Support Agency directly. For any legal aid or advice on child support agreements, contact our expert team for help today.
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