Weird Facts About Family Law

The world of Family Law can get a little too serious, a little too often, so here are some more lighthearted facts about marriage for you.

funny family law court list
  1. In France it is legal to marry someone who is already dead. The vows remove the words “death do us part” and instead of the words “I do” they say “I did”.
    Truly the country of love!

  2. In Montana, USA you don’t even need to turn up to your own wedding. If you are in the military you can nominate someone else as your proxy to stand in for you at your wedding.
    You may now kiss the bride…

  3. In Kentucky, USA it is illegal to marry the same person more than 4 times.
    Shucks, I’m sure we were going to get it right on the 5th try!

  4. In Dubai each person must undergo medical tests and provide a medical certificate of fitness before entering into marriage.
    No surprises once you tied the knot I guess…

  5. In Delaware, you can annul a marriage if you entered into the marriage as a dare.
    Crazy kids these days.

  6. In the Philippines, any adult under the age of 25 must get advice from their parents before marrying about their intended nuptials. If the advice is a disapproval or negative then the licence for the wedding will not be issued for 3 months and further advice is required to be sought.
    This must make for some fun conversations.

  7. In the Philippines, a widow must not re-marry until 301 days has lapsed since the husband’s death.
    It’s good to standardise these things… wait… what?

  8. Again in the Philippines, if you walk in on your spouse having sexual intercourse with another person you are legally permitted to kill or inflict serious physical injury on your spouse or the other person.
    Would you still have to wait the 301 days as well?

  9. In New York, you can sue a third person for being responsible for the breakdown of your marriage.
    Could be worse, could have been caught cheating in the Phillippines…

  10. In ancient Chaldea, a man could divorce his wife by writing a letter to the father-in-law saying “though is not my wife”, but if a wife ever said “though is not my husband” she was to be immediately drowned.
    I’m not sure this quite hits the mark as ‘”fair and just”.

  11. In some Native American tribes, if a man left his wife he would have to leave the tribe.
    In modern western cultures, a similar practice takes place where all the mutual friends will pick one of the newly separated couple over the other.

  12. In Aleutian Islands, if a man grew tired of his wife he could barter her for food or clothes.
    Well as long as he is not spending the money on cars or football….then that’s ok I guess?

  13. In China the Jing people throw away the pen used to sign the divorce papers as they believe it contains bad luck.
    …they’re probably right.

Just to be clear….none of the above apply in Australia.
Weird Facts About Family Law
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Weird Facts About Family Law
The world of Family Law can get a little too serious, a little too often, so here are some more lighthearted facts about marriage from around the globe for you. For any assistance regarding Family Law matters, contact our friendly team today for all legal aid and advice you require.
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