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Child Custody

We practice in all areas of family law involving children including:

  • Consent Orders
  • Custody
  • Parenting Plans
  • Family Court Applications
  • Who the child is to live with
  • Who the child spends time with
  • Relocation Orders
  • Contravention Orders
  • Magellan (Child Abuse) Matters
  • Appeals
  • Overseas Travel
  • Grandparent  Applications
  • Hague Convention Applications

Arrangements concerning children can be made with or without the intervention of a court.  Not every matter needs to go to court or be a dispute.  In fact, most matters concerning children are able to be settled between the parties.

There are 2 ways to finalise arrangements for children where the parties agree.

  1. Parenting Plans (written agreement between the parties)
  2. Consent Orders (written agreement between the parties that has been accepted by the Court)

At Queensland Law Practice we try to make the process of obtaining Consent Orders or Parenting Plans as easy as possible. We have fixed fees for Consent Orders to assist you in budgeting throughout the process.

Unfortunately, in some cases Court intervention is necessary to decide an issue that is unable to be resolved by the parties. In these cases we explain the process to you in user friendly terms without all the legal jargon. We are aware that the court process can be draining not only on you but also for the children and as such we try to get you through the process as quickly as possible.

Orders pertaining to children do not just deal with who the child lives with and who the child spends time with. Orders can be as broad or narrow as you choose. Generally orders also include clauses to cater for the following issues:

  • Educational Information
  • Medical information
  • Overseas Travel
  • Holiday time
  • Special days (such as mother’s day, father’s day, birthdays, christenings etc)
  • Christmas day
  • Telephone contact
  • Orders to prevent each party insulting the other to the children

Child Custody
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Child Custody
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