Our People

At QLP we understand that the legal system can be an intimidating place to be. No-one ever really wants to be involved in legal proceedings let alone proceedings where you are fighting for everything that is valuable to you. That is why the most important tool you can have in your back pocket is your lawyer.

As in all areas, it is true to say that you can get lawyers, and then you can get better lawyers. A good lawyer will be able to negotiate when you need to negotiate, argue when you need to argue, and most importantly understand what you are going through. Your lawyer needs to be able to connect with you, not just communicate with you. It is not a lawyer’s role to judge your story by the chapter they walk into.

In saying that every single staff member at Queensland Law Practice is selected for their ability not just to communicate but to connect with clients.

Please feel free to read about each staff member. They have all tried to give you a little insight into what is important to them so that you can best select the lawyer that is right for you.

Tracey McMillan